I’m Dhim, the creater of House of Hypertrophy.

I’ve been lifting weights for around 5 years. However, the majority of these years consisted of me spinning my wheels, making little to no progress hypertrophy or strength-wise.

During these years, much of my training was based on information I pulled from random articles and videos on the internet. I naively trusted whatever I read and watched, rarely questioning it.

In cases where I came across conflicting information, I ignorantly choose to side with whoever I thought had the better physique. I failed to seek out the validity of the claims I came across and implemented in my training.

To be fair, much of the information I came across and implemented wasn’t tragic. In fact, for some individuals, they probably could have achieved some great results. Now, I think discussing genetics and one’s responsiveness to training can be complicated. However, something that was clear to me after a while of training was that I, unfortunately, was not one of those folks who could just look at a pair of dumbbells and grow.

In a way, I’m quite happy about this. It was my lackluster results that eventually motivated me to research further and deeper into strength and hypertrophy training.

Through this, I stumbled across articles that referenced scientific research. Before this, I had no idea there existed experimental research evaluating numerous areas of a strength or hypertrophy training program.

I thought this was awesome. Basing my training on the research and the guidelines they provide would be an excellent way to go about things.

Subsequently, I spent quite a bit of time delving into the scientific research on strength and hypertrophy topics. Initially, reading research was somewhat challenging. But as time went on, through practice and reading/watching content on how to digest scientific research, I become better (and to this day, I still strive to improve).

Furthermore, I began studying basic statistics (independently), to help me better understand and critically assess the statistical methods of papers. To this day, I continue and aim to develop my knowledge in this area.

After a few months of reading research for my benefit, I had the idea of creating content for others. I believed there were (and still are) numerous pieces of evidence that are unknown or poorly represented in mainstream fitness.

Nowadays, there are quite a few folks providing great, research-backed, fitness content. I hope to add to this.

My goal with House of Hypertrophy is to create content based on research in the clearest and most accurate way I can. I hope House of Hypertrophy can go some way to dispel certain myths and ultimately be of great value to anyone who chooses to go along the beautiful journey of building muscle and strength.